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I went to new Shake Shack in the Theater District last night for dinner. It was my first SS experience-- and an experience it was. I was warned about the infamous Shake Shack line... and everyone was right. At 7:30p the line went out the door. A staff member stood outside handing out menus and answering questions. A friend of mine said the black & white shake was a must, and when I asked if it was just chocolate and vanilla ice cream (I'm a New Englander, what do you want?) the employee told me it was chocolate and vanilla ice cream blended with coffee. Sounded good to me, so after a 20 minute wait in line, I ordered one of those and a cheeseburger.

My friend, who ordered after me, got his food about 15 minutes later, and mine came out 10 minutes after his. Given the Disney-worthy queue, seating was at a premium. A couple invited us to sit at their table, so we didn't have to juggle our burgers and shakes on the sidewalk. The burger was good-- nothing incredible, but definitely better than any other fast food option out there. My milkshake had peanut butter in it, which was disappointing, but given the 25 minutes it took to make my food the first time, I just drank it. (And a black & white milkshake is just chocolate and vanilla ice cream...) I must give them a break considering they've recently opened this location, and restaurants always have a few kinks to work out in the beginning. All in all, I'm sure I'll go back to try some of their crazier shake creations, but for the most part I'll be leaving this one to the tourists.

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