eat it: macarons and mariage freres {paris day 5}

eat it

Today was my last full day in Paris. I made a lot of souvenir purchases for myself and friends, including Laduree macarons, earrings at Pont Neuf, and Vert d'Absinthe for a few bottles to smuggle back into the States.

After dropping off all my bags at my apartment, I went out for a last afternoon stroll along the Seine. It's just so damn beautiful here!

One thing still on my must-do list was to have afternoon tea and dessert at Mariage Freres. I grew up with my British nana, who had my cousins and me drinking tea the moment we were old enough to hold a teacup. I had heard that Mariage Freres was the best tea house in Paris and had to check it out. The place was pristine, with waiters in all white with white bowties, white tableclothes and wicker furniture, and the walls were lined with rows and rows of canisters of tea. The boutique at the front was a huge temptation... hundreds of teas to choose from, plus teapots, teacups, and anything else tea-related you could imagine.

When I was seated, I was given a book on the history of tea to browse (as if the tea menu itself with hundreds of teas and their descriptions wasn't enough reading material).

Since it was my last day, and when would I honestly be able to get another chance to do it, I ordered the "24 Carats": chocolate mousse flavored with Black Magic Tea, salted butter caramel and chocolate biscuit wrapped in gold leaf with red currant coulis. So incredibly over the top and decadent! It. Was. AMAZING.

After tea I headed home to begin the arduous task of packing all of my newly acquired parcels into my already-too-heavy suitcase. I'm going to miss my daily adventures! I do miss NYC terribly though, and am looking forward to being home. I will definitely  be returning to both London and Paris-- hopefully sooner than later!

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