eat it: brunch at serendipity 3

eat it

My bff and I have been making a habit of weekend brunch lately. Last year he took me to the opera for my birthday and then we followed it up with a Broadway Sundae at Serendipity 3... unfortunately I had a migraine headache and couldn't fully appreciate the sugary madness of S3. We headed into the city for a do-over today, this time for brunch. We seem to encounter hour-long waits for breakfast everywhere we go, so we didn't mind walking around the UES after putting our names on the list. 

I love the atmosphere in there... the Tiffany lamps hang super low and it's so cluttered with clocks, knick-knacks and mirrors that it's like a cozy little piece of Wonderland. I got french toasted challah (yum!) and a pot of tea.

Somehow we managed to save enough room to split a Frozen Hot Chocolate... sooo good! If you've never had it, schedule a visit with your besties. I'm sure we'll be back.

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