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Every year my family spends the week before Christmas in the Bahamas. When it came time for us all to buy our plane tickets, I told my mum that I couldn’t make it this year. Tickets were expensive, and I’m paying much more for rent this year. I already had the week off from work, so I filled up my schedule with plans to go ice skating, hit up a few Christmas parties, hang with friends, and work on my grad school application. On Thursday a friend asked where I was spending my vacation, so I filled him in on my staycation plans. He felt bad that I wouldn’t be spending it with my family as I had been planning, and offered to lend me the money for a plane ticket. I was overwhelmed! I thought about it for a few hours and decided to take him up on his offer. I called my brother and made him promise not to tell mum, and got to work on packing and tying up loose ends. I think I was even more excited about surprising her than about spending five days on the beach.

Saturday night I finished packing around 8p and went out with friends to our fave UES dive bar. I was planning on making it an early night, since I had a 7:30a flight. I wound up staying out til 2a, got home to Astoria at 2:45a, took a shower and left at 4:30a without so much as laying down. o_O By the time I got to Nassau I was exhausted, but amped to see my fam. I knew her reaction would be priceless, so I recorded it with my Flip camera. I was right-- after staring at me for a solid 30 seconds before realizing it was really me and I was actually here, she leapt out of her beach chair (getting tangled in her earbuds) and jumped into my arms, crying all the while.

When my brother said something about it being a hard secret to keep, she gave him a slap for keeping it from her, haha. She talked for the next hour about how happy she was that she had both her kids here… best surprise ever. 

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