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Today was a perfect Spring day! This afternoon I headed down to the East Village to be interviewed for a short documentary that I was asked to be in. After recapping the greatest love story of my life (so far) for the camera, I put on my odlr sunnies and walked up towards Union Square. I stopped for an iced tea at Think, perused the Greenmarket at Union Square, hit up the City Quilter for some Alice in Wonderland-esque fabrics (clocks, crowns, teacups...), and walked up to the 28th Street subway station. It's days like this, meandering around the city and taking it all in, that reaffirm my feeling of belonging here. I got down to the train platform and pulled out the heart post-its that I bought yesterday (with the intention of doing exactly this):

I posted one when I got off the train too...

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