do it: skate at wollman rink

do it

I finally got to try out my new ice skates! After getting shut down twice trying to get my skates sharpened at Citi Pond in Bryant Park, I went to Wollman Rink after work today. Getting my skates sharpened there was the same price as Citi Pond ($20... which is ludicrous considering it's $3 back in my hometown) but I had to pay $10.50 to skate at Wollman (Citi Pond has no admission fee). Wollman wasn't busy at all though, so I got to skate at a good speed without people falling in front of me or chains of 7 shaky tourists holding hands getting in the way. I'll probably still drop by Bryant Park before it closes next month since it'll be free, but I think Wollman will be my go-to rink from now on.

Tip: bring your own lock for the lockers- renting them costs $10.50 and they won't let you bring any bags or purses on the ice. Bring cash (it's Trump's place after all... cash only). Oh- and the hot chocolate with marshmallows was goood (even at $4.50).

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