do it: research your family tree

love it

I went home to the Cape last weekend and went to visit my Grandad. My Nana recently passed away and there was a lot I wished I had asked her about her family and our ancestry. I grilled my Grandad for every little detail he could remember about my Nana's family and where she grew up in England, and took notes. With a few more clues from my uncle and my parents, I signed up for an account last night and started plugging in all the relatives I knew. I quickly got "hints" from the site-- these included birth records, marriage records, the passenger list from the ship my nana came over to the US on... amazing stuff! I got so caught up in it all that I wound up staying awake til 3am digging around in history. I got a branch of my dad's family back to crusaders and knights... so cool. I also found a couple photos of people. Here's my great great great grandfather, Joseph Mackley:

What a handsome guy! Can't wait to see what else I can find...

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