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Over the weekend I did a lot of exploring downtown-- checking out stores, restaurants and spa treatments for upcoming blog posts. The highlight (and splurge!) of the weekend was a couple's massage treatment and lunch down at Go Green Organic Spa. They offer regular promos that got us each an hour massage and complimentary lunch across the street at Wild Ginger vegan cafe for a very good price. Livin' on a city budget, I can't afford to regularly pamper myself, and this massage was so fabulous!

Go Green uses all organic products, using organic champagne and apricot oil for their massages. Their staff are all very professional and courteous, and we felt welcome and comfortable from the moment we stepped in the door. Stalks of bamboo, strategically placed crystals, and new age music set a relaxing tone. We were shown to our room and made comfortable; the tiki-vibe and dim lighting was very relaxing. We both opted for deep tissue massages to help our tight necks and backs versus a more relaxing massage treatment. I've never had such a comprehensive massage, and could tell that the massage therapist was knowledgeable and experienced as she zeroed in on my sore spots without me telling her or pointing them out.

After our hour was up, we sleepily trudged across the street to Wild Ginger with our free lunch vouchers that came with the spa package. After an hour of intense massage we were both mostly just very thirsty, but we had a light lunch of miso soup, tofu, veggies and rice. The dining area was cozy, seating just 26 people. Service was great, the vegetables were fresh, and the overall flavor of everything was good. I would absolutely recommend this spa/lunch package! There is a similar package for individuals, with an added bonus of a facial and eye treatment along with massage and lunch. It's well worth the splurge, and priced very reasonably for what you get.

Located at 365 Broome Street, Go Green is open daily from 11a-8p. They offer a wide variety of organic waxing and body treatments at great prices. Wild Ginger is located across the street at 380 Broome Street. Click here for their hours and menu.

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