do it: lunch break at bryant park

do it

The weather has been pretty great here in New York, aside from a rogue rain shower here and there. I work on Madison Avenue near Bryant Park, and it seems everyone has been taking advantage of what the park has to offer both during lunch and after work. The lawn has opened up for picnics and sun-worshippers, and the Cafe at Bryant Park Grill is hopping every day at happy hour. There are several Wichcraft locations spread out over the park for you to grab some lunch at, and there's almost always an ice cream truck nearby. There is tons of seating- both in the sun and along the perimeter under the trees. It's really a beautiful little piece of the city, and must be enjoyed. So pack your lunch, sunglasses and a book, forward your phone to voicemail for an hour, and go take a time out at BP.

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