do it: long weekend on the emerald coast

do it

I just got back from spending four days down in Florida. I've never been to the panhandle before, and I have family who live there, so we rented a gorgeous beach house in the Villages of Crystal Beach in Destin. The house was 4 bedrooms, and we had 8 to 12 people sleeping there comfortably every night. The beach was within walking distance- gorgeous! Love the Gulf Coast... usually I'm a Sarasota/Lido Beach girl, but it was beautiful there. 

We flew into Pensacola on Friday afternoon and went to AJ's for a few beers. The sun was blazing, and the view of the harbor put me in vacation-mode. (They also had Shocktop on draft, which made me a super happy girl!)

Friday night we went out to dinner at McGuire's. People sign and hang dollar bills everywhere in this place! The portions were ridiculously huge, and the food was excellent. They also brew their own beer- I had the raspberry wheat- was really good. Was tempted to bring some home with me, but couldn't justify carrying it in my tiny duffel bag that I brought for luggage.

Saturday we hit the beach! Was such a perfect day... not too humid, barely a cloud in the sky, ocean wasn't too rough. Lots of sun, swimming, and a big picnic lunch! 

Saturday night we went to Baytowne Wharf for a BBQ dinner and dancing at the Village Door. Dinner was pretty good, and we had a really fun night dancing it up. At midnight, we requested that the band play Mustang Sally to wish my mum, Sally, a happy birthday. Ha! They called her up on stage and she dragged me with her.

Sunday we took a drive out to visit another of my cousins. Unfortunately, we got a flat tire on the way back. I think my uncle probably got a little peeved that I was taking photos and being silly... gotta document every bit of my adventures! Here's my cousin and me on the side of the highway waiting for him to change the tire:

Sunday night we all went to the beach to catch the sunset. It wound up raining, but the lighting and clouds were awesome looking.

^ my mum and me

Was SO good to catch up with a bunch of family I haven't seen in years! (And spending time at the beach, getting a tan, relaxing, and eating tons of good food wasn't so bad either...) Can't wait for them to come up to visit the Big Apple so I can show them the same hospitality and a fabulous time!

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