do it: go to mad (part 1: open studios)

do it

After work today I headed to the Museum of Arts & Design to check out Ben Light at MAD's open studios. I've seen his work on exhibit before, but this was a chance to see him in action behind his lathe.

check out the view!

He had a studio on the 6th floor of the museum all day today to show visitors his work, and the steps it takes to go from felled trees to the gorgeous lamps and various other toys, mallets, and jewelry that he has made. We donned safety goggles to ward off stray wood chips while Ben turned a rough-hewn log into a smooth, curvy base for a lamp.

He had some of his finished pieces on display, including a couple of his Finn's Army toys (named for his baby nephew Finn, whom I had the pleasure of meeting) and two tops that were very reminiscent of Inception. (I must have one of these!)

Open Studios at MAD features artists' work as they do demonstrations and answer questions for visitors. Ben was just there for today, but if he plans another demo I'll let you know! It was very cool to see the process after having admired his finished work. (And I'll share photos of my top when I get it... I really do want one, Ben!)

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