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I have an extra long weekend for the 4th of July holiday and wanted to get out of the house today before the temps hit the 90s and I'm glued to my A/C. I had never been to Governors Island and have been itching for a bike ride, so I packed a sammy and a bottle of water, my camera, sunglasses and map and headed for the ferry.

The ferry is free and took about 10 minutes. I got there around 2:30p, and the line to bring your own bikes on the ferry was enormously long! If you're gonna bring your own wheels, I'd suggest getting there for one of the first trips over in the morning. It was a gorgeous afternoon, lots of sailboats out on the water.

The island is very pedestrian and kid friendly. The only motor vehicles I saw on the island were golf carts driven by staff and an FDNY truck. Other than that, bikers and walkers rule. I rented a bike first thing, and was pleased to see that I hadn't forgotten how to ride in the 10+ years its been since I last rode a bike.

There is a main path around the perimeter of the island with plenty of room for everyone to check out the views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Liberty and Ellis Islands.

Governors Island is the closest land to the face of the Statue of Liberty. I took tons of pictures of everything!

Picnic Point has food stands, picnic tables, and plenty of shady patches of grass for taking a break from all the biking. There are even a few hammocks!

After lunch I waited in an uber long line for a Blue Marble ice cream cone... 

...and me and my bike took a little 30 minute siesta in the shade before finishing our tour de GI.

I'll definitely be going back (hopefully when it's cooler outside!) to check out the forts and historical aspects of the island. It's a beautiful place, and a great budget-friendly way to spend the afternoon!

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