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The weather in NYC has been gorgeous! And it's no surprise to me that New Yorkers are just generally happier people when it's sunny and warm. Everyone's out walking during their lunch break, people smile more, it's lovely. I had a pretty fantastic weekend, and Easter Sunday was no exception. My family lives on Cape Cod, so I had no dinner plans. The forecast called for a beautiful day, and the Sox/Yankees game wasn't until 8p... prime conditions for my first Coney Island trip of the season. I used to live in Flatbush, Brooklyn, so the subway ride was only 30 minutes. I recently moved to Astoria, so it was more like a journey- 90 minutes door to door- but it was so worth the time! Coney Island is like sensory-overload to me... in a good way. All of the food and drinks on the boardwalk, music coming from a dozen different beach blankets, the colors of the carnival rides and kites flying over the beach. It was really great to sit and have a picnic and get some sun.

The boardwalk is definitely prime people-watching territory. Where else can you "shoot the freak" and see a random guy walking around carrying a snake?! 

I had never been on the Cyclone, and I'm coming up on my 3rd summer in NYC! I figured that needed to be remedied pronto, so we got in an enormous line and paid our $8 fare. A woman warned us not to drink an orange soda I had in my hand before the ride. We laughed, but I put away the soda. Wow. Trust me when I say do not underestimate the Cyclone! With an 58.7* angle drop, it's the 7th steepest wooden rollercoaster in the world. (Yes, I screamed.) But man was it fun! Not exactly your traditional Easter, but I had a really great time.

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