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I've been wanting to bleach my hair for a while now... ya know, complete the whole "Alice" transformation. I have a lot of time off over the next couple months with the holidays and vacations, so I finally went for it. I got a Manic Panic bleaching kit from Ricky's, and after some words of encouragement from my mum, I mixed it up and combed it through.

My roots which have never seen color lightened up right away, but the ends, that have been dyed black, were pretty stubborn. After 2 hours I was afraid of the damage to my hair, so I rinsed... and it was yellow. At this point it was nearing midnight. I had a bus to Boston at 7a, so after a little hesitation I headed to the 24-hr Duane Reade. I was afraid to bleach again, so I got a "light natural blonde" (and some snacks to fuel my after-hours efforts...)

After another hour, I rinsed and dried, and it still wasn't the shade I was going for. I had to quit the coloring for the evening, since I still hadn't packed for my trip up North (and my scalp was not very happy with me). I had achieved a Jersey Shore-esque shade of blonde, ha:

After just 3 hours of sleep, I headed to my bus with my taxicab-colored hair. I got my dad to detour off the highway to a Newbury Comics in Salem, NH, to get a toner. It still didn't lighten up as much as I would like, so I'll be bleaching it one more time when I get home. But here it is after all the efforts so far:


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