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Last night I went on a little test-run with my posters. It rained the past couple nights, but there was a spot on my subway platform that I'd been eyeing. I mixed up a small batch of wheatpaste, grabbed one of my posters and a paintbrush, and dashed over to the Steinway subway platform. I was nervous about getting caught, but it only took a couple minutes and no one objected to my pulling out a paintbrush and pasting an 11x17 poster in the empty ad space near the stairs. Once it was affixed, I snapped a few photos and went back to my apartment. I tweeted one of the photos, mentioning Nightmare of You- the band quoted in the poster. 

Today I was amped to see that Nightmare of You retweeted my photo that I posted last night! I absolutely love them, and just knowing that they saw the poster made me super happy. Later this afternoon, lead singer and guitarist of Nightmare of You, Brandon Reilly, blogged my poster photo on his Tumblr page. I'm over the moon!

So excited to get a little buzz with my first poster. I've got a bunch more that I can't wait to get up!

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