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After seeing Green Lantern Friday night (fail), we were discussing what we could do Saturday. We decided to get up early and head to D.C. for the day, since I had never been and it was looking like great weather for a little road trip. The alarm went off at 6am, and after much grumbling on my part, we were on the road by 7:30. Arriving in D.C. around noon, we parked the car and walked to the Air & Space museum, passing the Smithsonian Castle on the way.  

The museum was on the top of my list of D.C. attractions, and it didn't disappoint. So much to see and do! We paid the $8 to do the flight simulator, doing barrel rolls and gunning down imaginary flying targets. 

After a few hours at the museum, we walked over to the Washington Monument and took some photos.

The reflecting pool was drained, which was kind of a bummer. Would have been cool to see.

From there we walked down to the White House for a peek. All in all, was a fun little romp through Washington. Looking forward to a more extensive visit sometime.

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