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I found out I have some unexpected money coming my way over the next couple months. For better or worse, I have always been one to live in the moment and not worry too much about the future (read: I'm not a saver). My philosophy, especially since moving to NYC three years ago, has been to do absolutely everything I want and live life to the fullest-- and if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, I can't complain that I missed out on anything. That said, I have decided to plan a last-minute solo trip to Paris in September, and I am over the moon about it!! I went to France for two weeks in '98 with my high school French class, spending 4 days in Paris and 10 days in Blois with a host family. I turned 15 on that trip, celebrating with my host's family in the gorgeous Loire river valley. 

my host's dad ran a patisserie... lucky me!

Since then I've been smitten with France, and have been dying to go back! If anyone has tips or recommendations on what to pack, what to see, where to eat, or who has the best pain au chocolat, lemme know!

chateau Chambord

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