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I went home to Massachusetts this weekend for my friends' wedding. What a beautiful night! I left NYC at 10:30p on Friday after attending a dinner party, so I didn't arrive home on Cape Cod until 3am. I managed to muster fairly early Saturday to have breakfast with my mum and do some shopping before the wedding that night. I wore my Zac Posen dress, which thankfully traveled well stuffed in a bag during my drive...

The reception was in Hull, at the Clarion Nantasket Beach Resort-- so pretty! (We drove by a carousel on the way and were very tempted to stop to take photos... and wouldn't wedding photos on a carousel be amazing?! Just sayin'...)

The staircase up to the ballroom was gorgeous:

I always love unique takes on wedding guestbooks! (For my wedding we had one of our engagement photos framed with an extra wide mat that all of our guests signed.) When we got upstairs there was a table set up with a Fuji Instax camera, an empty wedding scrapbook and a collection of markers. Guests all took instant photos of each other, and we all pasted them inside the scrapbook with our well-wishes. Very cool idea. (Might need to steal it for my next wedding, ha.)

And this totally fueled my want for an instant camera too... I've been checking out the Instax mini for a while.

I had my first taste of clam chowder as well... which is only weird/interesting/noteable because I grew up in my parents' seafood restaurant on the Cape. I actually kinda liked it.

The cake was incredible! Every layer was different: strawberry, chocolate, oreo... yum!

And of course, the night was capped with drinks and lots of dancing...

Congratulations to the newlyweds!! xo

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