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Last night I met up with some friends on the (far!) West Side at Lucky Strike. Bowling can be uber expensive in the city- a friend and I once paid nearly $100 to bowl at Bolmor for a couple hours! Lucky Strike offers bowling from 8p-1a on Monday nights for a flat $22. I got off the train at Times Square, and made the trek over to 12th Avenue... which was much further than I anticipated! We got drinks and watched a bit of the Sox/Yanks game at the bar before donning our rad footwear and getting our bowl on. The place was a lot nicer than I was expecting- the furniture and lighting is pretty posh! (There was also some great portraiture artwork of Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren- which was random but cool.) There is waitress service at the lanes- we didn't eat but they have a surprising menu... tuna lollipops and tomato-and-cheese s'mores, anyone?! They also have cheeseburgers and fries if you're not feeling adventurous. (I'm not really a germaphobe, but the thought of eating finger food while bowling seemed kinda icky.) We had some technical difficulty with our bowling lane... it wasn't calculating our scores correctly, but they eventually switched us over to a different lane. All in all we had a good time- lots of laughing and high-fiving and booing each other. It'd be a fun place to have a party or go on a first date... just give yourself time for the walk and eat *before* you bowl.

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