do it: art bar and hudson river park

do it

After spending the afternoon at The Cloisters and having an early dinner at Brother Jimmy's on the UWS, we headed to the Cabanas on the rooftop of the Maritime Hotel. A very smoky grill drove us out of there after one beer, so we walked to Art Bar. I had never been there before-- what a cool place! Such a relaxing, comfortable back room full of squashy couches. We hung out there for a while, had another beer, and shared stories. We also spent a good amount of time contemplating a large painting. It's a depiction of the Last Supper, with celebrities sitting at the table. Jim Morrison is at the center, and he's flanked by James Dean, Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol... and we couldn't figure out who was at the end. (After some googling today I figured out it was Frida Kahlo). 

We left Art Bar and walked down Jane Street to Hudson River Park. We sat on a bench on Pier 51 for a bit, listening to the water and taking in the view. We walked down along the water to Pier 45... was a nice place to hang out. I had never been there either, and even though other couples and groups were walking through and hanging out there, it was still a very peaceful, quiet place. I love those rare places in the city where time can stand still if you're with the right person. 

the view from the end of the pier looking back towards the city

Days when I experience new things and places in the city are always so magical. What a great day!

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