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It was my friend's birthday today, and we played Accomplice! Part scavenger hunt, part improv adventure, we spent 3 hours roaming downtown Manhattan in search of clues, maps, and our next drop-off. We got telephone instructions last night to meet at the Seaport, and our group of 8 was met by a fast-talking Italian with a briefcase who gave us our first clue. From there we were on our own. The storyline was great, the actors are fantastic, and the things we did and saw were pretty outrageous. I don't want to give anything away, since the element of surprise and figuring out the clues with each other obviously made the game. I can only strongly recommend that you do it yourself- you'll have so much fun! I've been in NYC more than 2 years and saw things I've never seen or noticed about the city before. There are 2 different games in New York- there's another one in the Village. I'll definitely be doing that one, too. They're also in Hollywood and London. Check out their website for tickets and more info- but don't google and dig around about it too much and ruin it- just trust me and play. You'll thank me later!

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