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I haven't been adventuring very much lately with the hurricane this weekend and getting prepared for my vacation... which equates to my slacking on blog posts. My bedroom ceiling cracked pretty badly on Saturday night and we were scrambling with buckets and towels trying to minimize the damage. Nothing like emergency apartment repairs a week before I leave the country! Everything is all set for my trip, save for some last-minute laundry and exchanging currency. I'm leaving on Friday!! I've never been to London and I'm so excited! I'll only be there for two days before heading to Paris... anything I should add to my must see and do list?

1. how about your own throne? this antique chair by metrosofa will do the trick
2. vintage trinkets and a locket adorn this necklace by hoolala
3. I love the washed out look of this brass cuff by Jezebel Charms
4. this compact mirror by Insomniac Arts is great for touchups on the go
5. the faded look of this brass ring by Juju Treasures packs a punch
6. accessorize day or night with this sparkly wristlet by Flamestitch
7. add a fab centerpiece to your living room with trunk by MeAndPhoebe
8. this cat collar by MogsTogs is adorable-- pretty kitties!
9. give your couch a pop of color with this pillow by IconicPillows 

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