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My apartment is a constant work in progress. I don't feel like I ever have enough time or money to decorate top to bottom all at once, as much as I'd love to. Getting a few statement pieces for your home are a great way to maximize your budget and spruce up a space that may be lacking in the design department. They're also a great start to theming a space-- you can buy a statement piece as a focal point for the room, and slowly decorate "around" that piece-- buying art, textiles and furniture that match as your budget allows.

These vintage style mirrors, magnetic chalkboards and memo boards from shabby mcfabby by Kimber Wade are fantastic. I love the scrollwork detail of the frames, and the fabrics she uses for the memo boards are beautiful. She also makes fabulous wedding accessories-- birdcages for cards, frames for seating arrangements. Here are a few of my favorite items in her etsy shop:


This reversible Audrey Hepburn Baroque 2-in-1 chalkboard and memo board is magnetic on both sides and comes with 3 vintage pearl magnets. This would look fantastic in my work space as I'm always jotting notes for supplies, measurements, ideas, and pinning up photos and quotes for inspiration.

Love this Parisian style memo board! The tiny Tour Eiffel pushpins are adorbs. I think I need this.

This large mirror would look great in a bedroom or large entry way. (Plus you can check your pout and peepers on the way out the door.)

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