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Saturday was such a beautiful day... I took a long walk, left my jacket at home, passed a Mr. Softee truck on the corner, and had lunch out on my fire escape. Sunday's weather, on the other hand, couldn't have been more miserable. The pouring, wind-driven rain soaked me to the skin from head to toe after a necessary walk through Astoria to deliver a package to a friend. There is something pretty about New York in the rain though... especially when everything seems to be washed out in black and white. And rain means spring is around the corner, right? I love these photos of the city in the rain...

Listed from left to right, top to bottom: 

1. Union Square New York City by thepaintedphoto
2. Rainy Day Blur by ashleykelemen
3. Bryant Park NYC by stevebrickles
4. Rainy Day in Central Park NYC by rebeccaplotnick
5. New York Night Rain Turns Into Snow by nomaddiary
6. View from Empire State Building by PhotosByJoe
7. Photo of a New York building in the rain by aubabi78
8. Spies Hide Out in Every Corner by CiaoChessa
9. "xoxo" by Lovinda

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