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I get a kick out of anything customized. Especially as gifts- adding a personalized touch to something makes it special. Who doesn't want thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts? I really love me & goji- a website where you can create your own artisanal cereal mix, name it, and even add a photo to the label. The cereal comes packed in a cylindrical capsule (cereal in boxes is so passe) and contains more servings than your typical box. As you're building your cereal mix, you can see the nutritional information change with each addition. I like mine with granola, extra cranberries, coconut flakes and sliced almonds- yum!

If you're a little gun-shy about creating your own, they've got their own tried-and-true "functional" mixes, including those looking for extra protein, superfoods, fiber, gluten-free... you get the idea. Check 'em out!

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