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A friend of mine recently turned me on to Irregular Choice shoes-- I'm so in love! I've always been the type to buy shoes that standout... I don't want what everyone else is wearing. I want to turn heads. It was a big deal in my small town high school to have shoes that no one else had. I got on board when I was the first to buy metallic blue Doc Marten boots when I was 15, and I haven't stopped since. I love colors, patterns, textures-- anything over the top or unusual. Going along with my love for anything whimsical and worthy of Wonderland, Irregular Choice shoes are gorgeous enough to be called art. Here are my favorites:


 How fun are these?! The embellishment on these basic black pumps make them extra flirty and super cute from the back!

 I was on board with the spats look ages ago (I even made my own pair)... it's a big trend this fall.

 I'm picturing wearing these pumps with a fab baby blue dress with a white bib... get all vintaged out.

These boots are fab! Check out the white rabbit in the teacup on the heel- awesome!


Queen of hearts, anyone? These are amazing.


Not sure what I'd wear these with, but they're fantastic. Gothic Alice- I'm loving the stripes. 

Irregular Choice is located on Lafayette, or you can shop online. These shoes are definitely on my Christmas wish list already!

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