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I was getting my makeup done for a photoshoot at my friend's studio and Jessica kept telling me to "look up". I had only just met her 5 minutes before, and she was already frustrated with me. Weilding an arsenal of brushes, powders, glosses and sparkles that any sephora fan would die for, I was stuck on her shoes. After pulling my chin up for the third time, I finally spoke up- "Where did you get those shoes?!" She kicked one off and pushed it towards my bare foot. "They're by Iron Fist." Um... want!

Jessica's shoes- the Oh No Platform Pump - $45

Limited Edition Moonshine Zombie Stomper (they glow in the dark!!) - $45

Bloody Mess Platform - $50

Sugar Witch Platform - $45

Muerte Punk Platform - $45

Their shoes are like graffiti for your feet... I love them! And they're super affordable- I'm so getting a pair (or three). 

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