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at home

I moved to Astoria February 1, and I still have things in boxes! For shame. I moved from a studio in Brooklyn where less was more: for two years my clothes were in makeshift file-box drawers in the closet for lack of a dresser. My new apartment is a very big 1-bedroom that I had picked out in January with my boyfriend. I figured when we mashed together all of our furniture we'd have more than enough, so no biggie, right? There was no mashing, and I have since become the sole occupier of the space- trying desperately to spread out! My bedroom remains completely empty save for my clothes (in boxes in the middle of the floor, natch). I'm not devastated by sleeping studio-style in the living room- I've got a killer walk-in closet and dressing room to make up for it. I was, however, itching to get my workspace set up again. My sewing machine, fabrics, ribbons, patterns, and screenprinting table have been stashed in a corner since I moved.

Anyone who reads my twitter feed knows that I've been planning a June trip to Paris. This weekend I got an unexpected Cherry Sunshine special request order that is going to fund my tickets! Ah, good karma pays off again. This bit of serendipitous news prompted a victory dance and the speedy set up of my new craft space.

I have an odd cubby-hole cut out of my long hallway. On one side is a closet door, and the rest is open space with an outlet. My sewing table fit perfectly! There's an overhead light, and I've installed a shelf in the closet to make a nice dark space for burning screens for my screenprinting table (Loyalty II Royalty hoodies coming soon!). Everything is stored in plastic tubs because Lily loooves to play with ribbons and zippers. I have a collage that I made my 1st week in NYC in an effort to spruce up my first apartment, and a cork board for random bits of memories and inspiration. I'm already halfway done with my magically lucky order, and am excited to start working on creative projects again! (Having all this space to myself isn't so bad after all.)

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